Beauty & Chaos

This shooting style is a hybrid of sorts. It’s a combination of posed portraits and raw, real moments. It’s focused on capturing poses and then prompting those poses to unravel into real candid moments. It’s also about keeping the snapping going when beauty becomes beautiful chaos-the silly faces, super hugs, and wild laughter. It’s about getting the perfect shot while also capturing those real moments. Designed for documenting subjects of all ages.


This shooting style is about capturing a traditional portrait. It’s down to business and pose focused. These sessions are typically shorter and geared at producing classic timeless portraiture. For families and children, “smiling and looking at the camera” is the prime focus of this session. Designed for documenting subjects of all ages.


This shooting style is geared at candid imagery with a session built around play and response. This session is designed for documenting children two to ten years or any child that feels comfortable playing through a portrait session. The session follows a shooting style that begins with an invitation to play. For some children, this may involve showing their talents, pretending to be a superhero, or having a personal dance party. Other children might enjoy a few minutes of directing their own photo session or simply exploring a new place. This session is the perfect session for a “photo time capsule” of a stage of childhood.