WHAT IS the image turn around time?

Your first download gallery of your shot options, as-is, will be sent out 7-10 days post session date. Once you complete your selection for editing and edit request form, the editing time is 3-7 days. Most clients have their edited images within 2.5 weeks of session date.

What if it rains on the day of my session?

If it is set to likely rain or storm during your portrait session time, we might need to select a new date for your session. You will be updated on your options the day prior to your session when rain is of possible concern.

What if my newborn won’t sleep during the session?

Newborn sessions range from 1-2 hours and usually they tire eventually. If baby is not sleeping but still content, we capture baby awake.

What if my newborn is fussy for the entire session?

If baby is not able to settle within your time bracket, we select another day for pictures. This allows for parents to focus on the needs of baby and take a break. This does not happen often, but when it does, our 13 years of newborn experience have proven this is the best method. If baby settles at the end of the 2 hour bracket and there are no schedule conflicts, we can continue the session at that time.

WHat if my child is sick?

It is important that your child is feeling good for their session. We also want to be sure they look healthy, like their true self for their photos. Never hesitate to reschedule if your child is ill.

WHat if my CHild does not cooperate for photos?

We do our absolute best to engage, keep-up, and entertain little ones during the session. Often times, active kiddos can have the most vibrant on-camera chemistry with the lens….however, if it ends up not working out to your photo desires, see the next question.

What if I don’t Like the Photos?

If you are unhappy with your session results, feel free to book a re-shoot. We want you to love your imagery. Keep in mind the “image keeper goals” of your session. For example, a $350 Family Session is geared at capturing 10 keepers from a batch of 20+ options. You will be able to download all images “as-is” in the options album. However, the session goal is to aim at getting a collection of 10 “keepers” from our time together. You might not love every shot, hence the variety of options. Sometimes things happen with children that interfere with the results you had in mind.